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Building your sponsorship program just got a whole lot easier! Join me inside The Sponsorship Academy and I will personally guide you to more sponsorship sales… guaranteed!

Does this sound familiar?

How do I find the time to engage sponsors and balance sales with all of my other duties?

How much should I charge in my sponsorship packages?

Which companies are likely to be interested in what I have to offer?

How do I get in front of the right people… and what do I say to them when we finally connect?

How do I prove return on investment to my sponsors?

What should I put in my initial proposal?

How do I get internal buy-in and engage my boss (or board or colleagues) in the process?

If it does, then you already know how hard it is to sell sponsorship, value your assets and find the right contacts

That’s why we created The Sponsorship Academy!

Inside The Sponsorship Academy, I will personally teach you everything you need to know to find more sponsors, determine what your assets are worth and to turn your sponsors into multi-year partnerships. In other words, I will walk you through the exact process that I have used to raise millions of dollars for organizations just like yours.

I have packed The Sponsorship Academy with videos, templates and exercises designed to increase your sponsorship sales…guaranteed.

In no time at all, you’ll be speaking the language of your sponsors, closing more sponsorship sales than you thought possible and you will be asking for the sale (and getting it!) like a pro.

Tired Of Sending Out Sponsorship Packages And Hearing Nothing Back?

Inside The Sponsorship Academy I will personally walk you through the process of building an inventory, valuing your assets, prospecting and making the sale.

You will learn how to get the meeting with sponsors, what phrases to use to get the sale and how to stand out above the boring “Gold, Silver, Bronze” approach

About Your Instructor and Sponsorship Coach

Chris Baylis is an expert in sponsorship valuation, prospecting and strategy development and has personally sold tens of millions of dollars in sponsorship and has coached clients and Academy students to do the same. Chris will teach you exactly what to do and when, how to get in front of the right people, how to value your assets and how to increase your sponsorship sales.

Here’s What You Get Inside The Sponsorship Academy

Sponsorship Action Plans

We cover every aspect of the sponsorship process: valuation, prospecting, inventory building and making the sale…plus new action plans all the time!

Monthly Coaching

Every month, we get together as a group to tackle your most pressing issues in a live coaching call

Valuation Calculator Template

Get access to a member’s only valuation calculator populated with values to get you up and running fast (only annual members get the values)

The Prospect List

Download your copy of 800+ Canadian and 1000+ US sponsorship prospects with direct email and phone numbers (for annual members only)

Members Only Discussion Group

Join a community of likeminded people and get feedback and advice from others who are in the exact same situation as you

Templates, Infographics and Resources

There is a template or infographic for everything inside The Sponsorship Academy! Valuation, activation, sales scripts and more

Action Plan Topics Include

check-icon Property Building 101

check-icon Developing Your Inventory

check-icon Audience Data

check-icon Valuation Training

check-icon The Original Valuation Workshop

check-icon Building Activations that Sponsors Love

check-icon Fulfillment Essentials

check-icon Sponsorship Proposals

check-icon Prospecting 101

check-icon Getting the Meeting

check-icon How to Run a Discovery Session

Plus we add six new action plans every year based on what The Sponsorship Academy members tell us they want more of!

Get Instant Access to The Sponsorship Academy

If you’re ready to take your sponsorship program to the next level, choose the option below and let’s get started!

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